Thanks to the collaboration with GEIVEX, two researchers from the TeNTaCLES project groups are going to be funded for short-term scientific stays:

Carmen Campos-Silva (CNB-CSIC, Madrid). GEIVEX/TeNTaCLES ESR

Host: María Pardo Pérez (IDIS, Santiago de Compostela)

Project: “Using Exoview® for analysis of tumour-derived immunomodulatory proteins in EV subpopulations and their characterization in cancer patients’ plasma”

Beatriz Benayas (CBMSO-UAM, Madrid). GEIVEX/TeNTaCLES ESR

Host: Cristina Fornaguera (Institut Químic de Sarrià – Universitat Ramon LLull, Barcelona)

Project: “Synthesis and engineering of liposomes and niosomes as extracellular vesicle – mimetic carriers for vaccination uses”