The EVCNA Special Issue “EV Insight” will summarize the highlights of the first MOVE Symposium, which will take place in Malaga, Spain, from 24-27th October 2023. This collaborative effort is spearheaded by GEIVEX (Spanish EV Society), GSEV (German EV Society), UKEV (UK EV Society), and EVIta (Italian EV Society). The symposium is expected to attract numerous research groups dedicated to EVs from these and other NEVS, alongside an outstanding group of international speakers. We consider this MOVE Symposium in 2023 as an important opportunity to foster and strengthen partnerships among professionals engaged in EV research, encompassing both basic and clinical fields, while affording the chance to connect with renowned speakers.

Theย EVCNAย Special Issue “EV Insight” welcomes the submission of full papers and review articles from the participants who will be presenting either oral presentations or poster presentations at the MOVE symposium. The goal is to compile a vital Special Issue showcasing new methods and their results in EV research across Europe, with a particular emphasis on Young EV Scientists, PhDs, and Postdocs. We furthermore look forward to receiving review articles from the invited keynote speakers. No article processing charge (APC) will be taken for this Special Issue.

Submission deadline:ย 31 Dec 2023