During the General Assembly of GEIVEX in Barcelona (May, 6th, 2018) new GEIVEX Board members were accepted.

In the incoming months, Hector Peinado will substitute Antonio Marcilla as Treasurer, while Mar Vales will substitute María Yañez-Mó as Secretary. Other changes will take place in a step-wise fashion during 2018 and until the next assembly in 2019, thus permitting a coordinated replacement of the full board.

In addition, Mercedes Zubiaur and Matilde Bustos join David Otaegui in the organization of the next GEIVEX meeting in 2019.

Helena Vasconcelos substitutes Anabella Cordeiro as representative of the Portuguese community, and Marcella Franquesa will be in charge of the communication.

Thanks to old members for their dedication during all these years, and the best of lucks to new-comers.