Position: We are seeking for a highly motivated predoctoral scientist interested on joining the line of research in the use of extracellular vesicles (EVs) for the treatment of lysosomal diseases in the Clinical Biochemistry, Drug Delivery and Therapy (CB-DDT) group at Vall dโ€™Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) and CIBER-BBN in Barcelona. The research to be developed will be included within the PI21/0936 project, which studies how to improve enzyme replacement therapy by transporting therapeutic proteins in EVs (see a recent publication). In detail, we will study how the modification of EVs, whether by recombinant engineering or by chemical or physical modifications, can improve everything from the ability to encapsulate the therapeutic agent to the internalization of EVs into target cells.

We offer a full-time predoctoral contract for a year, extendable up for 3 to 4 additional years, as well as training courses, meetings, and an exceptional working environment

Requirements: The successful candidate should have a degree in Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Chemistry or similar. Previous experience with cell culture and molecular biology techniques is preferred and desirable, and knowledge on statistics are valued. The ideal candidate for this position must be independent, self-sufficient and capable of facing challenges. As part of the CB-DDT group the candidate will also take part in the maintenance and improvement of the research group tasks.

Deadline for application: 11th November, 2023

Starting date: 1st of December, 2023.

Application procedure: CV and complementary documents must be uploaded at CIBER-BBNโ€™s website.


Contact info: Ibane Abasolo ibane.abasolo@vhir.org