We are excited to announce the first MOVE symposium which will be held on 24-27th of October 2023 in Malaga, Spain. MOVE is an active and relaxed consortium of European National EV Societies (NEVS) who got together to foster MObility for Vesicles research in Europe (MOVE). Their overarching aim is to encourage communication between the societies at all levels of membership, with the purpose of promoting EV research and understanding across Europe. It is intended that MOVE activities will foster collaboration between members in different European nations and across different biological / biomedical disciplines, taking advantage of geographical proximity and expertise.

For this symposium initiative GEIVEX (Spain), GSEV (Germany), UKEV (UK) and EVIta (Italy) are taking the lead and we expect that many EVs research groups from these and other NEVS will attend together with an outstanding group of international speakers.

This International Symposium will focus on novel concepts and clinical applications of EVs paying special attention to methodology for the identification of biomarkers and therapy targets. To achieve productive discussions and maintain the excellent standards of our symposia, we are already working to provide a list of high-quality keynote speakers for each session.

Beyond all, we consider this MOVE Symposium in 2023 as an important opportunity to create and strengthen partnerships between professionals dedicated to EVs research, from both basic and clinical fields and to have the opportunity to meet the renowned speakers. The chosen venue will be the Auditorium of the Law Faculty of Malaga University (UMA).

We look forward to your active and enthusiastic participation in the meeting and to enjoy an exceptional location of the south of Spain.