We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 7th edition of the GEIVEX Mobility Fellowships. In this call, thanks to the collaboration with the TeNTaCLES project, we were able to fund 4 different fellowships

Mirari Echepare (CIMA, Navarra)

Host Lab: Héctor Peinado (CNIO, Madrid)

Project: “Dual Serine/threonine and Tyrosine Protein Kinase in exosomes and its role modulating microenvironment in lung cancer

Cátia Ramos (i3S, Porto)

Host: Juan Manuel Falcón-Pérez (CIC Biogune, Derio)

Project: “Understand the metabolic switch occurring during gastric cancer cells-adipocytes crosstalk mediated by glycosylated extracellular vesicles”

Carmen Campos-Silva (CNB-CSIC, Madrid). GEIVEX/TeNTaCLES ESR

Host: María Pardo Pérez (IDIS, Santiago de Compostela)

Project: “Using Exoview® for analysis of tumour-derived immunomodulatory proteins in EV subpopulations and their characterization in cancer patients’ plasma”

Beatriz Benayas (CBMSO-UAM, Madrid). GEIVEX/TeNTaCLES ESR

Host: Cristina Fornaguera (Institut Químic de Sarrià – Universitat Ramon LLull, Barcelona)

Project: “Synthesis and engineering of liposomes and niosomes as extracellular vesicle – mimetic carriers for vaccination uses”

Congratulations to Mirari, Cátia, Carmen and Beatriz!!!